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New Prints and Computer

November 23, 2012 1 Comment

I have Ngaire and Mara (along with some tiny teeth) sent to the printer, along with my chest part and parts to make eye molds.  I am super mad at myself because I forgot to cut the space for the eyes.  What I do is make the space like in the tutorial, but then I take the actual eye model that I am going to be making eyes with and cut that area out so it fits perfectly – otherwise there would be some gaping.  It isn’t a huge deal, but little things like that can make a difference.  I am going to try sand down the space by hand but it is going to be hard to get right.  With it cut into the model I can make sure the eyes will be positioned perfectly.  I emailed Shapeways to try and change it (only 12 hours after ordering) and they said it was too late since it was already in production (since they don’t allow you to change your order, you have to cancel it and redo it).  I want to beg but I hate being an annoying customer.  I can’t imagine it is already being printed but I guess it is possible.  Edit: It looks like that part wasn’t sent to the printer yet so I might be able to have fixed after all!

Also, I finally ordered my new computer!! I’ve been stalking prices for the past couple of months and this was the lowest it has been for what I wanted;  I got some decent Black Friday deals so I am happy.  I’m excited – I’ve been doing everything on my (almost 5 year old) MacBook, and while it isn’t horrible, some things just take a really long time, not to mention my hard drive is almost full.  Now I will have 1 TB to work with, and rendering and some modeling functions should be much faster.  I may even make some videos if I can get past my hatred of recording my voice.

I’m debating offering my first three heads before I have the body done.  It would help me a lot to sell some now, but I’d also like to release them as finished dolls.  It also would be nice to gauge interest before I invest a lot more into it.  The heads also won’t fit other bodies as is though – I’ll have to make extra neck parts.. but I think that will work out pretty well.

Oh, and I’ve noticed some typos in my tutorial that I haven’t gotten a chance to fix yet.. I’ll do that as soon as I have time.