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June 9, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Character Colors: Silver  Black

Skin color: Skin 1

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black, Straight

Outfit: Black leather with silver chains and accents.

Name Meaning: Silver Fern

She is Oriana’s counterpart.  Or nemesis maybe?  I don’t really know.  Her name is pronounced “nyree”.  If Oriana is your typical RPG cleric (chain armor, mace, etc), she would be an assassin (leather, daggers).


June 9, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Character Colors: Gold  White

Skin color: Skin 3

Eyes: Teal

Hair: Blonde, Long, Slightly Wavy

Outfit: White lacy dress with fine gold chainmail.

Accessories: Mace, (Wings?)

Name Meaning: Gold, Dawn

I see Oriana as sort of like a cleric from your typical MMORPG.  Since her name means gold her colors will be gold and white, and I may do some opal effect where I can.  I want her to be soft and delicate but with a sense of strength.  Her skin will be a light tan and her hair will be a golden blonde and she will have light teal eyes (since that looks better with gold than blue or green).  She will have gold micromail (tiny chainmail) armor on top of a delicate white dress with a matching mace to go with the cleric theme.  I am also debating big white wings, but good humane feathers are hard to find and I do care about that sort of thing, and I don’t think plastic feathers would have the desired effect.

Zombie Pin Up

June 6, 2012 Leave your thoughts

I was messing around with faces since I am still stumped over the hip joint.  I think I am going to keep her :-P .  She started as a mix of a few of my previous faces.  I just wanted to create a face that worked well with that Marilyn Monroe type hair.  Then I needed a some sort of fantasy/sci fi/creature for her, since I want all of my dolls to have some sort of visually interesting character.  I think a zombie pin up girl suites her :D.  Of course the doll will have more zombie like features than my quick render.  I am looking forward to doing the details.

I still need a name for her.  I like my names to mean something without being too glaringly obvious.  It is hard to find a name associated with death that isn’t too weird or obvious.

I’d love to be able to release her for Halloween (I also want to make my spider lady for Halloween, but I highly doubt I will get that done since that is going to have a ton of parts – I will set my goal for her for next year).  I love doing silly things for holidays and such.  I want to release Oriana and Ngaire (I haven’t posted about her yet) first, so I am hoping to have that ready before September so I can release my zombie for October.

Jointing Progress and Oriana

January 28, 2012 2 Comments

Here is my jointing progress so far.  I have the head and chest/shoulders done.   The neck is the easiest part since it is just a sphere.  A lot of the difficulty with these easier joints isn’t so much figuring out what to do as figuring out how to properly execute it.  I needed to somehow make the sphere that I used for the neck blend with the neck itself.  I won’t go into detail because it is hard to explain, but it required a bit of trial and error with different scripts.  The shoulder joint was very difficult to figure out how to execute.  I don’t even really remember what I ended up doing, but it involved a lot of expanding and shrinking and relaxing and spherify-ing until it worked.  Maybe I will make a video of me working at some point – I’m sure there is someone out there who would find it useful.  My hard-drive is almost full though so I need to wait until I get another one.

The neck will have a plastic elastic holder instead of s-hooks, since I really hate s-hooks.  I remember when I got my first doll, the first things I did was try to remove her feet to get her pants on and to replace them with the high-heel feet, and the s-hook shot through the leg and I was so scared something broke.  The neck also got a dent from the force of the s-hook when the head was off.  It wasn’t visible with the head on and really tiny, but annoying none the less.  This way, the force will be very evenly distributed.  It will also be easy to take the face and head off without worrying about things snapping back into the body.  And, the elastic will be moved at central pivot point when the head moves around, so movement should me more fluid and stable than the more typical joint with a large hole in the head.  That little hole in the bottom is for molding purposes so I can align magnets.

It is hard to see, but there are a bunch of circular indents all in the head-cap for magnets.  I don’t have any specific plans for horns or special fantasy ears at the moment, but I like to keep my options open.  Having the spaces for magnets will allow consistency for accessories, and it will make taping in magnets easy.

The head will come off by simply picking up the thing the elastic is around a bit and rotating the whole middle part.  Taking apart the doll’s torso will be easy too.  The elastic holder just moves sideways,  rotates, and lifts up to release the elastic.  Super simple, but at the same time, it isn’t going to happen by accident.

I am putting the name of the sculpt and my logo on the inside of the face-plate.  Indenting it would have been smarter since then I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting in the way (hence the curve on the thing the lock goes into on the headcap, if you can see it), but I like the look of it this way.  I may put a domed decal in the head-cap, but that would mean loosing a magnet space or two, and I don’t want to put it on the outside.  It is more to help prevent/identify recasts than anything, but I can hope not to have to deal with that.  Sculpts that have an open mouth will have space for a tooth-piece, since trying to paint teeth that are part of the face is a giant pain.  I’d love to make expression face plates, but it is very hard to get looking right.

I will show pictures and explain the chest and shoulder in another post.  And, I apologize for the weird graininess of the renders.  I figured out how to fix this problem, but I can’t get the lighting to look as realistic when I do it right, so I am sticking with this set-up for now.

Next up is the hips!  They are the hardest thing to joint, but I’d rather save the smaller joints for last.  I have tried so many things but I just can’t get it perfect.  Hopefully I will think or something that fulfills all of my requirements, but I may have to start compromising.    I even got a chunk of the hip printed so I can test things in real life.

Some Plans

January 22, 2012 Leave your thoughts

It has been so long since I have started this journey.  I really hope to have something to show for all my work soon.  The plan is to get a company to cast my first doll, which I will call PulkiDoll V1, as soon as I can.  I’ve been putting it off because it isn’t cheap and pretty risky for me.  I guess I am a little put off after my previous plans fell apart – I am worried that I will again be disappointed.  I am very scared that I will not sell enough to meet a minimum order, or that a lot of work will need to be done that will cost me.  I think she is pretty cast-able as is, but there are some parts that are pretty thin and awkward to mold that may need to be modified.  I really don’t care much about money or profit, but I’ve already sunk a lot into this and I need to make back some money if I want to eventually get my newer doll printed.  I am not too good at all this businessy stuff :P I hate dealing with money.

I plan on only doing one order of my V1 doll, unless there is a lot more interest than I expect.  She should be very limited – I am hoping to sell 50.  If I manage to sell those 50 dolls quickly, I will do more, but I don’t know how much interest there will be.  The doll companies really stepped up their game since I started and she isn’t really that special anymore, and she has her flaws (though probably not as much as I think – I tend to be way over critical of my own work).  I feel like a few years ago I would have had more luck, when it was harder to find artist dolls and before the amount of companies really expanded.  I am worried I missed my chance, but hopefully I can still squeeze in there and make something of all this.

After I am done everything with my V1 doll, I hope to move on to my current project, which I’ll just call my 65cm girl (or V2).  This doll will hopefully be more innovative (though I use that word loosely, since most of my ideas have already been done to some extent by other companies at this point) and more sturdy and structured now that I’ve learned from my mistakes and I actually know what I am doing.  I’ve learned how to to better deal with the more mechanical aspects like tension and all that so this doll should hold a pose better.  I’ve also figured out a lot of modeling techniques so I can better execute my ideas.  I am really looking forward to finishing her and getting get printed, but it might be a while.