Oriana Head Print

March 23, 2012 2 Comments

I got my print back a couple of days ago (the face and head are different materials).  It is nice to see her in real life with real lighting and perspective.  The material makes hard to visually take in, since it is a bit translucent and the print lines capture light differently than a smooth surface and create a blurred effect.  It makes it hard to photograph too.  At least being white gives a better preview of what she will look like when finished.  I can’t wait to get her smooth and cast – everything looks nicer in resin.  I am really looking forward to giving her a face-up too, but I don’t know if my skills can create my vision well enough.

I was hoping to cast asap, but I made the latch inside the top of the face too thin, so it broke right as I tried it (which I knew I shouldn’t have done, but I just had to try it).  You can see the broken piece above the logo.  The print material is weaker than resin, and I am guessing the way it was printed doesn’t help, because it broke in the same direction as the layers, but I want to make it thicker anyway as to not risk it breaking in the future.  The last things I want is for people to buy it and then have it break on them.  I don’t really want to print out a whole new face for it, but I don’t want to simple sculpt it on since then it wouldn’t be consistent for future faces.  My plan now is the model the latch and new latch holder (which I made separate from than head any way for molding purposes), then get it printed out and carefully glue the latch to the face.  That way, future faces should be ready to go.  This is going to take time though because of shipping, so I probably won’t be able to mold her for a few weeks.  I also want to get a few things done to print before, so I can get it all shipped at once.

I do love how the logo and name turned out, even though you can’t really see the face on the logo.  I could probably get the better material and the face detail would print, but it isn’t really worth it – all the other detail would be smoothed out from sanding anyway so it wouldn’t really help the doll’s actual face.  The big hole was to make it hollow for cheaper printing – it will be filled before molding.  And, where it looks like two different textures is where there was support material for the print.  She was printed face down so the shiny parts are where there was no support.

Here she is in my hand, for size.  Her face is actually the same size as other 65cm dolls, but her head is much smaller and closer to actual human proportions.  This will be a bit of a problem for wigs, since they are made for big round heads, but I really wanted to make realistic head proportions.  I am planning on making silicone (or some other soft material) head caps so hair can be implanted in to look realistic.  I pulled the hairline back a little so that a layer of lace wig could be added to hid the line between the parts, and to allow a custom hairline (and so that it wouldn’t be seen when she is wearing a normal wig).  This would all be a lot of work, but I am hoping the effect is worth it.  I tried not to make the hairline too far back so that it would still look okay without the lace part.  I am hoping to address the wig fitting problem with a thick silicone head cap to bring her head closer to more typical doll size.

Her eyes are also much smaller than most dolls.  They are still larger than human size, but compared to most dolls they are very tiny.  This is another risk, because she might not fit in well with people’s doll families, and it will be hard finding eyes that fit, but it is another thing that I just couldn’t compromise on.  I do like some large eye dolls, but I find more realist sculpts have more potential for that “wow” factor.  I am planning on making urethane eyes for my dolls, but people will obviously want more options (and I don’t know how many I’ll be able to produce).  My eyes are 12mm with 5mm iris which is very different than most available eyes.  I tried out some 11mm eyeco and they fit really well, but I also tried some 10mm acrylics and they weren’t horrible but the eye itself was a bit small and the iris was too big.  She might be able to fit in some 12mm with that large iris look.  I have some 13mm eyeco that, while a little too big to fit nicely, the large iris didn’t look too bad.

Another difference from most dolls is that her neck is much bigger than most – it is much closer to human proportions.  I think it looks nicer and it allows the head to move more naturally, but it may be another problem.  Her head should be able to fit okay on other doll bodies, but I will probably make different neck pieces for a couple popular bodies so it fits and looks better than just plopping the head on top.  Having other heads on my body is going to be a bigger problem.  I doubt they will just fit on with no modification, so I may make a separate chest piece with a thinner, longer neck that is more typical.  This isn’t ideal but at least it will give people options, since I really want my dolls to be customizable to the fullest.