Status Update

September 5, 2015 3 Comments

First, I would like to apologize for the lack of communication about the progress and status of Pulkidoll. I’ve had some things going on in my personal life that took my attention away from my dolls for awhile, but that is no excuse not to keep people updated. I am finally in a place where I can give my dolls my complete attention, and I am hoping to really get the ball rolling again.

As for where things stand now, I have finally finished all the part modifications and pulled together the money to get my last prints and all the stuff I will need to make my casts. I’m still waiting on about half of the prints (should ship Tuesday), and I’ve printed some things that should make the molding process much faster, so I’m hoping to have final casts to show by the end of the month, if not sooner.

My goal is to do small order periods and have short turn-around times, hopefully 5-10 dolls a month. Those that placed orders before can, of course, still go through with them. I know some people are waiting to see finished casts, which is competently understandable, so if some people back out there may be a couple spots open still after I post pictures of a finished doll. For the first run I’m going to be very flexible. I only printed Ngaire and the medium bust for now, and I am waiting on payment from the first order to print the other faces and busts, so I will only have a finished Ngaire to show for now (she seems to be the favorite). Once I have the first cast I’ll try to post a video to show all the joints.

As for the modifications, most of what needed to be changed was internal. The only visible change was the knee, which looks and works much better than before (it now holds the a pose perfectly). Pictures of that will be up once I get the rest of the prints.

I am extending the order period to November 14th due to 3D printing delays. I am accounting for more delays with the final prints, so hopefully I will not have to extend it again.

Order Period Extension

October 10, 2014 Leave your thoughts

It looks like the order period is going to be extended. I still do not have the last few parts of the first test print, and I really need those parts to test. Hopefully I will get that early next week. Then I need to place the order for all of the final parts, which will hopefully take less than two weeks to ship to me. The molds will then probably take a week. I am going to do everything I can to get the first resin model to show by the end of the month, though my time frame depends largely on the 3D prints.

The pre-order limit has been changed to 15 dolls. It is important to me to give the best possible service and insure each doll is as perfect as possible, so this will help me make this first order go smoothly.

The order form will be up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay; I have been having some problems with my internet.

Finally updated the blog. It still needs a lot of work and I have to fix some old posts, but the old one was driving me nuts!


September 11, 2014 Leave your thoughts

She is pretty much done! I might have to make a few modifications once I test how she works, but for the most part the 3D model is done! To start, I am going to have 4 faces and 3 chests: Two of the faces are Oriana and Ngaire, and the other two I have been having a had time naming! I need to figure out names today though so I can get flyers printed for Dollism.

Also, I apologize for the state of my blog – it is a bit of a mess. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to redo it and start posting updates much more often.

Here are her measurements:

Height: 61cm
Eye size: 12mm
Head: 19cm
Neck: 12cm
Chest: 28cm/30cm/31cm
Waist: 20cm
Hips: 32cm
Thigh: 17cm
Inseam: 30cm
Foot: 7.7cm

Updates & Dollism

January 10, 2014 Leave your thoughts

It has been a while! I’m still working, I promise. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had the time to work on my doll much, but I am making progress. I know I’ve changed my goals so many times, but my new goal is to sell my first dolls at Dollism in September. I wish I could set my goals sooner but I am going to be so busy. On the bright side, I actually get more doll work done when I am busy because I procrastinate by working on it. But, recently I haven’t even had time to procrastinate! When I tell myself I need to work on my doll it is so much harder to work for me. This is something that it is not easy to force myself to do, since I have to be in both a creative and technical mindset and for figuring out joints I need to be in a specific frame of mind.



So here is my progress. This is Oriana’s face. I don’t love how the lighting makes her body look. I like it much better with just the default working lighting. I am having trouble figuring out which more accurately portrays what I will see in real life.

All of the parts/joints and my progress:

  • Head/Neck – DONE
  • Face – DONE : Oriana, Ngaire, Mara – Modeled but not jointed : Thaleia, Narissa and 3 dolls I haven’t named yet
  • Chest/Shoulders – DONE (needs one small fix for the arm to work properly)
  • Elbows – 0% but should be like knee, so probably at least figured out
  • Wrists – 0% one of the easiest joints
  • Hips – 75% everything is set up, but I need to make the some of the inner parts. Easy at this point but a pain. No work on front shim yet, but that shouldn’t be bad.
  • Knee – 75% knee needs the detail put back in it and needs more inner, mechanical parts
  • Ankle – 0% easy like the wrist
  • I also might add a thigh joint. Her doesn’t have a very circular cross section though…

So, I still have a lot of work to do, but I am getting much closer and I can finally see the end in sight. Figuring out the hip was a huge step. I am also very happy to have the knee figured out. I could probably finish the knee in a day. Maybe two more for the hip. I have some other life stuff I really need to get done but I hope I can make time to at least finish the knee in the next week.


So, like I said, I really want to release her at Dollism. I’d love to be a vendor; there is something about having a table to do what I want with that really appeals to me. It’s like a 3D canvas where I can go crazy making it perfect to display my work. Dollism would be such a cool place to release her.

I am (finally) in my last semester in school and it is going to be a very very crazy one, so I am worried about finishing. I wanted to get a good 90% done over break (by the 15th) but that just want enough time, and I have some other work to do. I told myself I’d only commit if I had her very close to finished so I’d know that I’d have actual dolls in time for the convention. Now I am having a dilemma  because I’d need to decide soon, but I am not as far along as I wanted to be. I really think I can finish, but school and now starting my career has to take priority. I am expecting to have next to no free time until May, sadly. Decisions, decisions.. I think I may at least sign up to go. I just know I need to finish this doll. I am going crazy.


May 27, 2012 Leave your thoughts

I finally got around to coding my site :-D.  Finally it looks more like I envisioned it, but I still have tons of tweaking to do to get it right.  I also have some more coding to do so I apologize for any bugs and general ugliness as I sort some things out – I was just so sick of my previous layout I couldn’t wait anymore.  I want to get back to actually working on my dolls so it may take me a while to finish tweaking, but if anyone notices any non-visual bugs let me know :nerd:.

Small Update

May 9, 2012 2 Comments

I haven’t been able to do much since my last update, but now that the semester is over I should be able to actually get some things done!  I am going to order some materials to get working on some eyes, then I am going to fix the latch on the face and get to molding that.  Hopefully if I can sell some heads my motivation will get back up to get me through finishing the body.  I am also hoping to get my (hopefully final) site redesign up soon.  I think my new design is much better than this (though this is more of a placeholder anyway) now that I know what I am doing a little more.  I really hope to make a lot of progress this summer since it has been way too long without anything significant accomplished.  I don’t have much else to say for now.  Hopefully I will have a real update some time next week.